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Sea Mist - Balancing Facial Toner

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Inspired by the misty sea air of the Pacific Northwest. Organic aloe and witch hazel are blended with ocean salts, atlas cedar and a kiss of refreshing peppermint for a truly balancing and mineral rich toner. Ideal for oily and blemish prone skin types as the witch hazel is great for tightening the skin and the sea salt can have a bit of a drying effect. We also added a kiss of anti-inflammatory lavender hydrosol which is grown local in our high mountain desert valley. 

Tips: To create a nice matte finish under your makeup use the mist prior to a serum. Also great used in a pinch to create the perfect beach waves hair. Just spritz on damp or dry hair and scrunch. 

Usage: Mist directly onto the face or apply to reusable cotton flannel pads. Gently wipe over clean skin to refine and tone the pores. While the skin is still damp apply any of our Nourishing Facial Serums and/or Creme. 

Ingredients: *Witch Hazel Extract, *Aloe Vera Gel, +Lavender Hydrosol,  Himalayan Pink Salt, Pacific Sea Salt; *Atlas Cedarwood & *Peppermint Essential Oils (*organic, +local/spray free)


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