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Rose Mist - Calming Facial Toner

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A gentle floral toner perfect for all skin types. The base of our this wonderfully soothing product is organic rose hydrosol which is a steam distilled floral essence that retains trace amounts of essential oil. When blended with triple distilled and low alcohol organic witch hazel an anti-inflammatory and toning mist comes to life. We have taken the time and care to infuse red hibiscus petals into the witch hazel for a month prior to blending with the rose hydrosol for the added benefit of color therapy and vitamin c boost. Lavender essential oil rounds out this beautiful skin and nerve soother.   

Usage: Mist directly onto the face after cleansing then apply any one of our serums, facial creme and/or beauty balm. Alternatively you can apply to reusable cotton flannel pads and gently sweep over clean skin for added cleansing power. For aromatherapy uses mist face skin & hair throughout the day. 

Ingredients: *Rose Hydrosol,  *Witch Hazel Extract, *Hibiscus Extract; +Lavender Essential Oil (*organic, +local/pesticide free)


small trial size available in our Into The Mists travel tin

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