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Rosa - Vitamin C Facial Balm

Rosa - Vitamin C Facial Balm

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A velvety soft beauty balm that is infused with both the essence of Damascus rose petals and vitamin c rich rose hip seed oil. This nourishing and fine line reducing combination is nothing short of magical and the results are magical too.  Excellent for use by those with dry/sensitive/mature skin as an all over face balm or as a spot treatment for areas that need a little extra TLC such as the under eyes, lips, and blemishes in need of healing. 

Usage: Apply a tiny finger tip amount of balm to clean damp skin. Preferably damp with Rose or Cosmic Mist to aid in penetration of the Rosa into the deeper layers of the skin. Apply at night for best results. For those with dryer skin types we recommend morning application as well. Please ensure that your fingers are completely dry prior to extracting any Rosa from the jar as moisture will encourage the growth of bacteria and thus shorten shelf life significantly.

Ingredients: *Coconut Oil, *Cocoa Butter, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Jojoba Oil, +Beeswax, *Alkanet Root Extract (for color), *Beet Root Extract (for color), *Vanilla Bean Co2, *Rose Damascus Absolute(*organic/+beeswax)

NOTE: This product has been reformulated without Shea Butter due to overwhelming customer feedback and our own experience with the product over time. This new improved formula will not get the grain that many complained of from the fatty molecules in the shea butter from binding back together. While this in no way made the product bad it did impact the overall feel and caused some separation. We are sure that you will love this new formula even more. 

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