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Mat Mist - Frankincense & Lavender Yoga Mat Spray

Mat Mist - Frankincense & Lavender Yoga Mat Spray

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Does your yoga mat have a bit of a funk to it? Then you need Mat Mist! Available in two scents for your different moods as the scent of your mat will be a part of your yoga practice. Mist before and after your yoga practice for best results. Also wonderful as a general atmosphere spray for refreshing a spaces energy through aromatherapy. 

Frankincense & Lavender - for an overall sense of calm and grounding. 

Usage: Shake bottle very well to distribute essentials oils evenly through filter spring water & witch hazel base. Apply an even mist to yoga mat & wipe clean. For use as an atmosphere spray spritz into the air, on clothing, rugs, furniture, hair, and/or even in the car to shift the atmospheric energy through aromatherapy. 

Ingredients:  Steam Distilled Water via reverse osmosis, *Witch Hazel Extract;  Essential Oils of *Frankincense & *Lavender  (*organic )

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