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Jade - Facial Balm .25oz (travel/trial)

Jade - Facial Balm .25oz (travel/trial)

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Powerful hydration concentrate for sensitive, oily, acne prone, & inflamed skin. Rich in essential skin vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties plus rapid absorption. Named for the deep jade green color resulting from the Blue Tansy & Chamomile. 

Usage: Gently sweep a small amount (less is more) onto clean damp face & neck1-2x a day. For best results store in a cool dark environment away from 

Ingredients: *Coconut Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Grapeseed Oil, *Chia Seed Oil, * Rosehip Seed Oil,  +Beeswax,  *Cocoa Butter, *Evening Primrose Oil;  Essential Oils of *Frankincense, *Blue Tansy, *Lavender, & *Chamomile(*organic/+local)

  Steam has been used for centuries to improve our skin health and when coupled with beautiful botanicals such as Honeysuckle and Rose it becomes that much more special. Our proprietary blend of blossoms & herbs is incredible for reducing inflammation, increasing hydration, reducing redness, minimizing pore size, and healing when coupled with the power of steam to open our pores and increase blood flow to the face. Blossom should be a part of your weekly facial ritual.

Usage: Sprinkle 1 TBS of herbal blend over a basin of freshly boiled water. Being mindful of the very hot water cover head and basin with a cloth and allow steam to open your pores until water is cooled. Repeat weekly for best results. Also useful for sunburn as a bath tea.

Ingredients: +Calendula, +Lavender Buds, *Gotu Kola, *Plantain Leaf,  *Rose Petals, *Chamomile Buds, *Spearmint Leaf, +Honeysuckle Blossom(*organic/+local&spray-free)

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