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Illuminate - Gold Dust Body Oil 2oz bottle with treatment pump

Illuminate - Gold Dust Body Oil 2oz bottle with treatment pump

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----- + Sensual Highlighting Oil+ -----

Illuminate is a silky soft gold highlighting body oil scented with sweet vanilla, sacred sandalwood & tobacco, and the queen of them all...bulgarian rose. This body oil is a true gift to anyone that uses it as it helps to melt away worries and helps encourage feelings of personal pleasure and sacredness. We all deserve to feel like the beautiful being we are! So open the bottle, inhale deeply, and Illuminate. 

+ Sticky sweet Vanilla Bean is infused into our gorgeous and quick absorbing jojoba oil for 1-2 months before blending into this beautiful oil. Vanilla is an orchid that grows in Mexico & Central America and is has been hand pollinated for the last 100 years. The scent of vanilla instantly helps melt away our worries and brings a deep sense of comfort.

+ Rose Absolute is produced from damascus rose petals grown in Bulgaria. The petals are harvested in the early morning as the sun just kisses them with warmth.  Rose has been used for centuries to  bring courage, soothe frayed nerves, calm the skin, and encourage a sense of wellbeing. It is the queen of the fragrance world.

+Tobacco Absolute is produced from the tobacco leaf which has been used by Native Americans for centuries in sacred ceremonies. Unlike the scent we are accustomed too from cheap and chemical laden commercial tobacco products our absolute smells of the finest pipe smoke. It is warm, herbaceous, and comforting.

Shake Bottle well to disperse the gold dust. After shaking dispense desired volume into your palm gently via the pump. 2-4 is usually enough for an entire leg. Once oil is in your palm slowly rub palms together to evenly distribute and warm the fragrance. Inhale deeply with eyes closed. Enjoy for a moment and then begin to massage into the skin working towards your heart in circular motions to stimulate blood flow. Use more oil as needed. 

 Ingredients: *Jojoba Oil, *Sweet Almond Oil, Mica, *Vanilla Bean Extract, *Sandalwood Oil, Tobacco Absolute, *Rose Absolute. (*organic/+local)

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